ITEC Diploma in Aromatherapy for the Complementary Therapist

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The aim of the ITEC Diploma in Aromatherapy for the Complementary Therapist is to train and empower learners to become a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist.

What is Aromatherapy? 

Aromatherapy is the study of essential oil science and the practice of Swedish massage.  This Diploma in Aromatherapy will enable you to practice as a Professional Clinical Aromatherapist anywhere in the world.  Learn about Aromatic Medicine and how to administer essential oils safely.  The ITEC qualification provides skills to encourage professional practice and confidence in setting up your own business.  Topics included but not limited to are the art of blending, chemistry, anatomy & physiology, pathology, aromatic formulations, client chart methodology, special topics, etc.  

 (This qualification trains you in the traditional 'English style of Aromatherapist', as it is known by the French, Britain, Europe, South Africa and Australia) 

The Process of your Aromatherapy Study

What do I gain from this qualification?

An ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Aromatherapy for the Complementary Therapist


An Aromaflex Academy Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy.

What do I call myself after I gain this qualification?

A Clinical Aromatherapist.

The Diploma in Aromatherapy Course Structure is:

Made up of 4 stages encompassing over 100 essential oils and 25 carrier oils and not limited to:

  • Stage 1: Introduction into Aromatherapy, plant families etc.
  • Stage 2: Chemistry of essential oils, methods of absorption etc.
  • Stage 3: Chemotypes and formulations, special topics
  • Stage 4: Advance use of aromatic medicine, making natural products etc.    

What is my commitment?

You need to allow time for approx. 1200-hour course, approx. 20 hours per week for one year.   

The in-house training is spread over the year. The teaching week runs from Monday through to Friday, 9am to 4.30pm.  Exams are typically held at the end of the year in November at the Nelson campus. 

You must attend in person at least three of the four-week block courses held in Nelson. The rest of the study is learning from your own home on-line using the learning platform Coassemble.

Case study work and other assessment documents are done outside classroom hours using the learning platform provided which includes videos and other tutorial support. 

Class size is limited to no more than 8 students per class.

Who is this course designed for?

It was designed for:

1.  People who know nothing at all about essential oils or aromatherapy.                        2. Practitioners who are already qualified in Reflexology, Massage, Beauty therapy etc. who want to add another skill and recognized qualification to their practice.                     3.  Nurses, Doctors, Aged Care Support Staff, etc. Who are curious to know more about essential oils, and safe referral or practice methodology, to assist with upskilling hours or to be curious about a new skill set.

When can I start?

 2024 DATES: INTAKE #2

Week 1: 5th August to 9th August 2024 (in Nelson)

Week 2: 14th October to 18th October 2024 (in Nelson) 

Week 3: 17th March to 21st March 2025 (in Nelson)

Week 4: 26th May to 30th May 2025 (in Nelson)   



Week 1: 17th March to 21st March 2025 (in Nelson)

Week 2: 26th May to 30th May 2025 (in Nelson)   

Week 3: 4th August to 8th August 2025 (in Nelson)

Week 4: 13th October to 17th October 2025 (in Nelson)   

Please view this enrolment brochure for more details 

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