Student Support

Support for students at Aromaflex Academy

We love good communication and it is a vital ingredient to successful learning.  This is especially true when attending face to face classes, online or blended learning options.  We are here to help and you and want to see you succeed in your chosen programme of study.  When you contact us via phone or email, you will be directed to the correc team member to assist you with any support during your study if we cannot answer your questions directly at that moment.


Deals with all the enquiries, enrolments and administration tasks required to run the Institute.  Also any email queries from the students will be directed to academic support or the Principal. 


Your tutors are your first point of contact and are directly responsible for your learning at Aromaflex Academy. If you have any queries, need some guidance on an assessment or your learning please contact them.

Your Tutors are available to answer any queries you may have. Phone 03 545 6218 or send an email enquiry to our staff are here to support you.

Student Resources Available

We have a comprehensive range of Student Resources as part of the Online and in-house support, making it easier for you to undertake your studies and keep in touch. It includes useful resources like:

  • Contact details for staff and when they are available
  • Information on who marks each course of study to aid with your enquiries
  • Completing assessments, how to reference, and what to expect in exams
  • All you need to plan for and attend workshops, including accommodation and transport options in Nelson
  • Student forms including consultation forms, application for assessment extension etc
  • Student Dispensary to order products for student and client use
  • Guides to learning at Aromaflex Academy

Services for Students with Special Needs or Disabilities

At Aromaflex Academy we are committed to offering access to training to those with disabilities or specific needs.

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