Introduction to Reflexology

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This is a two day workshop, offered over one full weekend (Saturday and Sunday).   Reflexology at this level is primarily used as a natural therapy to promote relaxation.  This course is intended for treatment of yourself, family and friends. 

To practise on the public or before you can call yourself a professional reflexologist you must have a full Diploma in Reflexology qualification.  No prior knowledge of reflexology or any other natural therapy, or body work is required to enrol on this course. This course focuses on working on the feet. 

Learn all about the main (40) Reflexology points on the feet including:

  • What is Reflexology

  • History of Reflexology

  • Zone Therapy

  • Basic Reflexology Techniques

  • Basic structure of the Feet

  • Understanding a Foot Chart

  • Foot massage procedure

  • Reflexology procedure

  • Benefits of Reflexology

  • Contra-indications and safety

  • Post treatment advice for clients

  • What you can expect to find

  • Documenting your findings

The first morning is understanding the course book and charts that are supplied, (in class only).  After morning tea, we get straight into a demonstration, then after lunch, all hands-on feet, with students practicing on one another.

The second day, consists of looking at the client charts, drawing the reflexes on the feet, then practicing another reflexology treatment on each other. 

Practical application of learning the reflexes is what this course is about.  Shelley is passionate about the subject and has trained many students into graduates over the years. 

2024 Dates:

1st & 2nd June 2024

12th & 13th October 2024

25th & 26th January 2025

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